Discover the revolution in aerial spray analysis.

Image of an iPhone showing an example of an application in a plantation plotted on a map
Image of an computer showing an example of an application in a plantation plotted on a map

Discover the Perfect Flight App

The most complete system for analyzing aerial spraying.

The purpose of the Perfect Flight App system is to generate spray analysis reports through the LOG files of the DGPS devices of the aircraft that carry out the applications. The system was built in a cloud environment, which allows it to run on any computer with internet access. In addition, we also offer an application for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The system is still protected by national and international patents.

Performance reports

Focus on quality analysis, use and success of applications, with the objective of optimizing performance and improving the accuracy and uniformity of applications on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable Reporting

Focus on analysis of applications close to restricted areas, according to Normative Instruction No. 2, the council of good practices, the current legislation and the CAS - Sustainable Aeroagricultural Certification.

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System Highlights

Find out why using the system is so easy

Our system was created with the intention of facilitating the daily life of the producer. For this reason, its use is very simple, requiring no long training. Just receive your access data and start using it, in a practical and intuitive way.

  • Easy-to-read interface

  • Control by Properties

  • Application Costs

  • Application History

  • Analytical Reports

  • Online support

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Analytical Reports

An overview of applications

The analytical reports allow a simple and general view of the quality of the applications. It is the tool most requested by analysts and managers, who need relevant data quickly and assertively for decision making.

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Application Maps

Check the application quality in detail

Our application maps are based on Google Maps and allow you to view in detail the application ranges and target fields, as well as overlapping areas and areas not covered. Use the zoom tool to see all the details up close.

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A notebook with a plantation application on the screen, zooming in on the data table extracted from the application
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Perfect Flight Sustainable

Concern about the environmental impact

Sustainable reports allow restricted areas such as housing or cities, farms in the countryside, neighboring crops, bee hives or silkworm farms, rivers, lakes or mines to be preserved. We also offer a free registration for beehive owners and other creations to register, anonymously, the geographical points that must be preserved from aerial applications. Thus, our system displays and alerts, if products are applied over restricted areas or within the security radius.

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Perfect Flight Partnerships

Purchase our services also through the Points Programs

Perfect Flight has partnerships with the largest companies of national and multinational pesticides. If you have points in customer relationship programs, consult us to learn how to proceed to purchase our services through this channel.

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